Creating content for instagram - what works and what you should focus on

Today we are diving into creating content that speaks to your niche! So that we are magnetizing our dream clients with ease and fun.

If you missed last weeks podcast we talked about creating a strong foundation for our business.

Knowing our niche and who we are attracting and also who we are repelling.

Important work to ensure our business is filled with the right people we love!

Next up Creating content!

Let’s talk about the different kinds of content right now.

Static Posts







Now we know types let’s talk about the content you should be making

Content Pillars

I like this because it narrows your focus. Pick 5 pillars. 1-3 should be business related such as social media, reels, creating sales. 4-5 should be fun and relatable like family, lake life, travel.

What content pillars can you use for your biz? Scribble them all out – right or wrong. write it down. Then select the ones that fit the best with what you love, what you offer and what your audience wants to see from you.Those are your pillars. Then let’s narrow it down more creating sub categories. 

Next weeks podcast we are going to take it a step further for all my structured need to be more planned peeps. Yep I am one of you.

We are going to talk about creating a marketing calendar! OMG. my favourite.