The accelerator

Everything you need to build a strong social media that delivers a profitable offer/product and set yourself up for a SUCCESSFUL 2023!

you know social media works but...

What if you could...

What if you had a shortcut that takes away the guessing, allows you to step into your power and shine for your dream clients to see?

What if you had a roadmap to creating an engaged community that loves you?

What if you had support to create the offer you always dreamed of sharing?

What if you could makes sales from your social media account?

What if you could build a business that gave you freedom?

It’s time to stop with the What If’s…

social success mindset accelerator - jen kinal

just imagine...

Your social media account being a place that creates more PROFIT for your business as well as constantly generating leads of dream clients.

Bringing more FREEDOM into your life! When you have multiple streams of income and leads you are free to pursue more of what you love.

Building a community that loves your business, brand and product. These are your cheerleaders, your supporters and how you create a profitable online business.


The social success mindset accelerator

An 8 week group coaching program that will teach you how to show up on social media, build a strong online brand, set social success goals, create a solid offer/product and launch it for a successful 2023. 

Here's what you'll get:

jen kinal social media manager

Live Weekly Coaching

8 Weeks of live coaching calls! Here is where we dive into the strategy, learn what works and what doesn’t and then customize it for your business! Plus we will be taking a implementation week over the holidays so you have time to brainstorm and build your perfect offer.

jen kinal social media manager

Course Workbook

I love a good workbook that you can scribble your ideas, thoughts and dreams. This workbook will guide you through our 8 weeks but also be your resource to come back to over and over again.

jen kinal social media manager

8 Modules of Training

Each week we tackle a different aspect of social media, business and launching. They will build on each other and we will take these trainings and make them your own. 

jen kinal social media manager

Develop a Strong Social Brand

Having a strong presence on social media means being instantly recognizable visually, creating a vibe that flows through everything you do and being a business your audience seeks out over and over again. You become their expert.

jen kinal social media manager

Create a Solid Offer/Product

The fun part! Social media is such a great place to create profit in your business. You can be like me and profit solely from your social media or have it be a bonus income revenue source. We are going to create an offer or build on your existing offers to create social success!

jen kinal social media manager

Launch Plan for 2023

We’re not ending there! I want your new offer or refreshed offer to be successful so we can going to create a launch plan customized to you! No matter what your business we are going to ensure you feel confident, have the resources and are ready to have a crazy successful launch!

Over $1,000 worth of bonuses

access to shine online academy

A course that walks you through how to create a proven online marketing strategy that WILL GROW your business, increase your profitability and have you showing up confidently.

access to weekly reels trend alerts

Always feel like you are chasing the social media trends? I’ll send you the trends while they are hot so you can get on them and maximize their impact.

access to Trello launch planner

Ready to launch? We got you covered with our Trello Launch Planner, with everything you need to successfully launch your offer on social media.


How much does the Social Success Mindset Accelerator Cost?

- most flexible -

3 Monthly Payments of


- paid in full -

1 Payment of


  • Jen is fantastic to work with! She is organized and efficient in all areas of the work she has done for us. Her creative elements are engaging and innovative and have brought our Instagram stories to life. We’ve noticed a revenue increase in our ecommerce platform since beginning to work with her.

    Jen Rainnie – Malvados, Founder

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Ready for next level success?

Stop putting off your dreams and start creating that strong, profitable business that builds the freedom you have been waiting for.

Jen Kinal social media manager

Hey, I'm here to help you take your business to new heights!

Are you ready!? I adore social media and have seen so much success with it in my own businesses. 

Here’s how I know social media works…
I have been a fashion influencer, designed a clothing line and also had a very successful wedding planning company promoting everything on social media.

Enter covid where my event planning business disappeared for 2 years. In true entrepreneurial spirit I created Jen Kinal Creative Brand & Social Media Strategy. I built up a solid base of social media clients but was undercharging massively resulting in being burnt out and exhausted. 

It was time to raise my prices by a whooping 90% increase… the result? I lost all my clients in a few hours. I freaked out…

Enter the LEVEL UP. When you create a strategy, offer and dream client base that works for you the level up is possible. 

I pitched 3 clients, all dream clients, at my new rate. Every single one of them hired me. Since then I have a full client roster with clients I adore. 

I know social media works because every client I booked saw me as their expert, trusted me and my brand and paid my new price in full without question. 

I want this for you! I am proof it works in several industries. It’s time for your level up! Let’s craft a strategy that is customized to you. 

Are you ready to say yes?

It’s decision time. You can keep being stuck not seeing results on social media. 
Or, you can have social success that creates profit and growth in your business.
Join the Social Success Mindset Accelerator today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We start the week of November 14th, 2022.

We will pick a time that works best for the group to have our weekly 60 minute calls. 

Don’t worry everything will be recorded and sent out for you to watch if you missed it or rewatch if you wanted a reminder of the golden nuggets shared.

This is a program that is geared to creating a custom strategy for your personal business. Which means you will see the results as long as you put the work in. 

We will be taking a break the weeks of December 19-31. We will decide as a group if we want to begin again the first week or second week of January. Over the holidays will be brainstorm, build and implement time as it works for you.

YES!! That is the best part of a group coaching program! You are never alone on this journey and always have your cheerleaders right at your side to ask questions, feel supported and be your personal cheerleaders.

Don’t worry! Social media is my jam so you get access to the trainings and tech resources within the Shine Online Academy as well as Q&A each class to go over any tech issues. 

The Accelerator is only open a limited time because once we start as a group the doors are closed. 

  • It has been a real pleasure to work with Jen to build my social media presence whilst giving me the opportunity to focus more on my business and my patients. Working together we develop a strategy for each month and using her expertise, and incorporating my knowledge of various health topics, she creates content that has helped attract new followers, build credibility and allow us to become a great resource for people looking for health information and products.  I have received many compliments about the content we create and share.  

    Jen is an extremely friendly and cheerful person to work with. If you want to invest in your company’s social media presence, take the time to talk to Jen! 

    Kim Henke – Bearspaw Pharmacy
Jen Kinal social media manager

What happens when you sign up?

You'll leave with:

You'll Feel:

Incredible, confident, successful and with a mindset that is strong. You will have built a strong social media presence, shown up like a boss, build a new and better revenue stream for your business and feel FREE! It’s your time to shine! 


Get ready for MASSIVE RESULTS!

Jen Kinal Creative Brand & Social Media Strategy