• #7: Social Success Mindset Accelerator

    Social success mindset accelerator
    The Social Success Mindset Accelerator is finally live and I could not be more excited to share it with you today!
    Plus I share my story about my event planning business disappearing over night due to covid and the great rebuild that brought me to creating Jen Kinal Creative Brand and Social Media Strategy which has lead to this incredible launch.
    If you are a business owner and know that social media can help your business then grow but are tired of trying to make it work and it seems like it is constantly falling flat then this is the accelerator for you. We are going to go into all the foundations, talk content planning and go right into your offer and product! In this group coaching program we are going to MAKE IT HAPPEN! No more sitting on the sidelines and instead it is time to see magic happen for you and your business!
    Join the Social Success Mindset Accelerator plus don’t forget about that Early Bird Bonus that expires October 20th!
  • #6: Creating Connections That Lead To Sales

    Social Success Mindset Podcast - Jen Kinal

    To make social media work for your business and create sales you need to put creating connections first. 

    In today’s podcast we talk all about creating connections within our audience, using influencers to create connections, along with choosing the right influencers and also pitching and how connections play a huge part in landing business. 

    I also invite you to join me in the Social Success Mindset Accelerator coming soon! So sign up for the waitlist here

  • #5: Creating Reels For Your Business

    Social Success Mindset Podcast - Jen Kinal
    Reels make such a huge impact for your business so today’s podcast is all about reels! 
    First we talk about why you should create reels in your business. The obvious answer is because Instagram is pushing reels, however it also happens to be the best way to connect with your audience and show the real you! Your audience has shifted how they use the app which means they are tired of the pretty curated images they have seen for years, they are tired of the highlight reel. Instead they want to see the behind the scenes of your business, the hard parts, the successes and why this product is the product for them. Reels offers great insight into all of that in a quick and effective way. 
    Check out today’s episode to hear about
  • #4: Creating A Marketing Calendar

    Social Success Mindset Podcast - Jen Kinal

    Today we are going to be diving into my favourite topic and a must have for your business! The marketing calendar!

    Having a marketing calendar in my business and for my clients has been huge because it allows you to plan.

    Plan out what your quarterly goals are, your yearly goals, include your launches so that when they do come around you are prepared for them, you have created a content strategy leading up to them, warmed up your audience to the thought of being supported by you so that they are more successful, more informative and more profitable.

    It also allows helps you not to feel the overwhelm in how you are showing up.

    I am the person that if I don’t have a strategy planned out and I wake up knowing I need to post my mind will go blank. So creating a strategy in advance really supports me in ensuring I am showing up consistently.

    I would likely also go off topic, not focus on the aspects that build my business and then what is the point of showing up if you aren’t creating content that supports your business. The results won’t be there, you will start to feel like you are spending all this time and getting no results and then quit.

    And if you quit then you don’t use social media, your audience doesn’t build that like know and trust and you can never gain the sales you are hoping for online.


    There are different types of marketing calendars to choose from.

    The paper book kind which I have always been partial to because I love a good note pad with colours, stickers, scribble. It gets me excited to write out my plans which is probably why I love scribbling my ideas out.

    I have bought the paper version for years and have always loved the idea of it BUT there are a few downfalls that I want to list out here so you are aware.

    • My perfectionist personality doesn’t want to mess up the beautiful paper

    • What if i change the dates and then everything has to shift

    • you have to physically have it with you which i find hard when travelling to have this extra calendar booklet with me every time I am not working from home.

    • I don’t use it… those books aren’t cheap so if I am not using it then what is the point?

    If you use then AMAZING!! I’m not saying I don’t love them because I have bought them year after year BUT they do have some limitations.

    Then there is the Digital Version.

    I was pretty unimpressed with this for years also. It doesn’t have the same appeal as writing it all down scribble style and there is no stickers!

    But wow does it have some benefits.

    There are plenty of versions but what i find works best for me is to use Trello.

    • It’s free so that is a big perk.

    • I can create a calendar version in Trello so I can map out my week, month and even quarter with launch goals.

    • It’s drag and drop so if things adjust then I can easily drag the dates over.

    • I can add my 3 posts for the day in Trello

    • It’s digital so I can take it everywhere! I just need my phone or my computer to access it.

    • I can write out EVERYTHING Caption included in Trello so it can really plan in advance if I like.

    • It keeps you really organized if you use it correctly.

    No matter what version you use, it can even be one of those larger desk calendars!

    Start by adding your BIG dates to the calendar.

    That means adding the launch dates for your course, mentorship, whatever it is your are launching. Those BIG launches that create a lot of lead up.

    If it’s a product then add in the dates that your product hits the warehouse, the time it takes to photograph the product and then the date you want to launch.

    So then 1 you have the images mapped out to be part of your launch and then you can add in what your customer sees. When do they get the sneak peeks, when do they get to see the product try on, when does the email campaign begin, is there a countdown, will you add in Q&A.

    Having a marketing calendar helps you take those big dates and then work backwards. It helps your audience get warmed up to the product or service. It gets them thinking about how that product or service will help their lives or make them feel. So that when you do offer that product or service they are ready!

    It allows you to create a marketing campaign that converts when you map it out.

    Then when you aren’t in campaign launch mode you can create content that keeps inviting your audience into your community. Welcoming them so when you go back into campaign mode they already have fallen in love with your brand, business and offerings.

    The beauty of a marketing calendar is it supports you in staying on top of your content so you are always building that LIKE KNOW AND TRUST aspect with everythign you do. So when you are ready to put a product or service out there your audience is ready.

    It helps you to be consistent

    it takes away the stress and overwhelm of having to show up

    AND it helps you create your content in bulk so that you aren’t feeling stressed every single day to show up.

    It also takes away the stress of inviting your audience to work with you. When you show up intentially your audince is already warm to who you are, what you do and how they could potentially work with you.

    The invite doesn’t feel so heavy and stressful beause even when you are in maintence mode (aka not launching something) you are always inviting them to be part of the community, grab that freebie you are offering, reply to a comment in your post or engage in your stories. That invite is already there even without you knowing it.

    My challenge to you after learnign about yoru marketing calendar is which will you use? A digital or a paper. No matter what let’s pick one today and order it or sign up. Then start putting in those BIG DATES and work your way backwards filling in the launch campaign and then the maintence days. Always keeping your audience, their transformation and why they need this productin mind.


    Next weeks podcast we are going to be talking all about REELS and why they are so important to your growth on social media, plus all the ins and outs of creating reels that will grow your business!

    So make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and we will see you there! Until then remember that it is your time to sparkle, shine and have social success!

  • #3: Instagram Content Creation

    Creating content for instagram - what works and what you should focus on

    Today we are diving into creating content that speaks to your niche! So that we are magnetizing our dream clients with ease and fun.

    If you missed last weeks podcast we talked about creating a strong foundation for our business.

    Knowing our niche and who we are attracting and also who we are repelling.

    Important work to ensure our business is filled with the right people we love!

    Next up Creating content!

    Let’s talk about the different kinds of content right now.

    Static Posts







    Now we know types let’s talk about the content you should be making

    Content Pillars

    I like this because it narrows your focus. Pick 5 pillars. 1-3 should be business related such as social media, reels, creating sales. 4-5 should be fun and relatable like family, lake life, travel.

    What content pillars can you use for your biz? Scribble them all out – right or wrong. write it down. Then select the ones that fit the best with what you love, what you offer and what your audience wants to see from you.Those are your pillars. Then let’s narrow it down more creating sub categories. 

    Next weeks podcast we are going to take it a step further for all my structured need to be more planned peeps. Yep I am one of you.

    We are going to talk about creating a marketing calendar! OMG. my favourite.

  • #2: Success Happens When You Know Your Niche

    know your niche and succeed with social media

    Today is all about the foundations and knowing your niche so that you start attracting the right audience, building a strong community and growing your sales!

    PLUS I have a GIFT for you! 

    I like to start with our business foundations because that is what we create everything from. It is what we offer, what we do, who we work with and where all our energy and passion comes from. If we jumped right into posting on Instagram then we probably wouldn’t see any change in how we are showing and the results VERSUS being intentional about how we are showing up and who we are attracting.

    What is your business

    What do you do?

    Who do you support?

    What product or services do you offer?

    How can people work with you?

    Even in my business I refresh this is my mind all the time! it helps keep your focus when you create content.

    What do you LOVE?

    What do you love about your business?

    What do your clients love about your business?

    What do you want more of and what do you want less of?

    What is your vibe?

    Knowing your vibe helps you create content, helps you see who your business is and helps your audience get clear on

    Now how do you integrate this vibe into all that you do.

    For example – my vibe is fun, authentic, approachable, caring, celebratory and full of energy – when you look at my feed you get that feeling in my graphics, in how I show up and how I communicate.

    Think about how you are bringing that vibe through your brand.

    People don’t buy products. They buy People.

    When you embody your vibe and your shine, you magnetize the right people!

    NEXT Narrow it down more

    Think about your past clients?

    List your top 3 favourite clients – what did you love?

    Think about the clients you didn’t love – Why?

    Are there any common traits among the clients you loved? focus on those when creating content.

    What did those dream clients come to you for?

    Does it align with what you love?

    How do your services support your dream clients?

    Next week

    We will be talking about creating content for these dream clients!

    Content that attracts them, speaks to them and invites them into your world.

    We want clients fall in love with your brand. To create a strong strategy and foundation can make this happen!

    Now I have a goodie for you! I have included my social success mindset workbook for you complimentary! It’s a great print out to help you go through everything we discussed today so that you can start attracting that dream clients and next week we will dive into creating content for them!

    Thanks for joining me! Remember you sparkle and shine and your audience is waiting for you to step up and take the stage! See you soon!

  • #1: Welcome to the Social Success Mindset Podcast

    Social Success Mindset Podcast - Jen Kinal

    Welcome to the very first episode of the Social Media Mindset Podcast!

    I am so excited to have you here! To learn all about social media, marketing and creating your dream business online!

    Social media is CRAZY, constantly changing and I want you to succeed, to create community, to have a place to learn, hear from experts, have some fun and feel supported in  growing your business!

    If you are new here I am Jen Kinal the owner and CEO of Jen Kinal Creative Brand & Social Media Strategy. I help business owners grow their business online using social media, marketing and strategy

    I have used social media for all my businesses including, fashion blogger, fashion designer, event planner and social media manager. I have always loved all the social media marketing podcasts for years and now I get to take my knowledge that I have learned and used with my clients to support you! 

    Before the pandemic I had a successful wedding and event planning business and when covid hit in days it went from successful to non existent. My income was gone. So being who I am I pivoted. Creating a social media management company of 1. Taking my knowledge that I have used for my businesses and started to support others. 

    It brought me alive with energy to help others and to see their results take off! To see profit coming into their business, to see their social media presence elevate, to see them be able to breath and enjoy their business. 

    Social media has so much power to create connection, to focus on your dream clients and building an online brand.

    I have always been able to see the shine in you businesses, that thing that makes it special and it is time you see it too.


    What can you expect?

    You can expect to always hear about current social trends.

    To feel motivated and inspired to show up on social for your biz.

    To feel confident in knowing how to show up.

    To hear from speakers in the social media space, business, marketing, in mindset.

    All the things I wished I had as I did the trial and error.

    Weekly podcast released on Tuesday

    To have me, your business cheerleader supporting you, cheering you on and celebrating you.


    What’s coming up

    • Foundations

    • Reels

    • Marketing calendar

    • Creating community

    • and creating sales!

    So if you are a creative entrepreneur looking to grow your business with social media but that is where you get stuck. Make sure to subscribe to the social success mindset podcast!

    It’s time we make social media easy, fun and a great way to grow your business online.

    Thank you again for joining me on my first podcast episode! If you want more make sure to follow me on instagram and tiktok at @jenkinal for more tips and fun between episodes!

    It’s your time to shine on social media! We will see you again next week!