The Creative Brand Audit

Let's take your social media from overwhelmed and not happening to a place that is fun and attracting your DIAMOND CLIENTS!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have been working your Instagram account for so long trying to reach your target customer and it just seems to be overwhelming, draining and leaves you wondering if it is even working...

What if you could...

Have the road map to creating content for Instagram that attracts your ideal target client? An inspiration board that showcases the style of images you can curate for your account. A list of ready to use captions that will inspire you to create words that really speak to your customer. 

Say goodbye to never knowing what to post, what to say or what images work best. 

Can you imagine how much easier it would be if everything was planned for you and all you had to do was implement the strategy that is going to take your Instagram feed from “Oh cool” to “Where do I sign up?”



The Creative Brand Audit is a customized audit that reviews how you are currently showing up on Instagram, creates a ready to implement strategy to attract your diamond clients and grow your business in a fun and easy way! 

Creative Brand Audit - Jen Kinal

Here's what you'll get

Over $1,800 worth of bonuses

Capture your brand

Taking your own images at home can be fun and easy! I'm giving you access to my Capture Your Brand Program! It's easy and affordable to capture your own images!

Custom Templates

Being a Graphic Designer I am excited to create custom templates that fit with your new brand direction! This includes stories and feed images for launches, quotes & highlights.

Voxer Support

Ensuring that your Creative Brand Audit is a huge success you will enjoy 1 week of Voxer Support with Jennifer. A great way to have help implementing your new strategy!

Social Planning Calendar

You will have access to our social planning calendar! This is a great tool to create content both digitally and written, which ever method works best for you!


Now is the time to take your Instagram account from overwhelming to fun, free and easy! 


Hey Diamond Clients!

Have you taken the time to establish who are your diamond clients and what they need? We are going to create a strategy to attract those incredible clients, have them fall in love with your brand and business.

Work With Me

Are you telling your clients what you do, what products or services you have, or how they can work with you? Or are you sharing all the motivational posts praying they turn into clients and sales?

Are You Having Fun?

Yep! Your Instagram should not stress you out. Instead you should have a clear plan on what to post, the images to share and the captions. Social media should be fun, free and easy! 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Creative Brand Audit Jenny Pietzsch
The Creative Brand Audit with Jen was everything and more than I expected. 
Jen takes her time and leans into all your strengths and sprinkles in her creative magic touch to create a flow for you and your social media. 
The templates, hashtags, planning calendar to name a few brought me so much joy and ease to my life and business. 
She truly cares and when creating embodies your personality, business brand, and that light that is unique to each of us.
Loved this process, but most of all LOVED working with Jen and can’t wait to continue working with her!!

– JENNY PIETZSCH, @jennypietzsch

Jen Kinal Creative Brand Audit

Hey, I'm Jen!

I am so happy you are here and deciding if the Creative Brand Audit is for you! 

The Creative Brand Audit I created for women entrepreneurs because I could see that there were a lot of women hiding and not knowing how to show up for their audience. I’ve been one of them! 

So now I am using my graphic design background, my love for events, creating experiences and my passion for social to help you create a social presence you can feel confident and proud of.

Showing up on social is fun and like talking to your best friend. It’s about sharing your expertness and all your gifts with the world so they can see that you are there to help them. It’s about creating connections and experiences through your images, your smile and the way you use your words. 

Social media can be crazy but it can also be so much fun! The Creative Brand Audit is my way of sharing with you how we can make social media fun!

Can’t wait to support you in your growth, business and creating that incredible life you deserve. 


Invest in yourself, your business and creating ease with your Instagram so you can finally start seeing positive results, new diamond clients and sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enrolled you will fill out the Social Size up form so when we meet for our first 1:1 call we can dive right into your Instagram, goals and branding strategies.

These are the topics that you talk about most in your business. Generally 3 of these points are directly related to your business and the other 2 are fun topics. One of mine is Wine! 

The Creative Brand Audit is  the introduction to creating a beautiful cohesive brand on social media. If you want more then ask about our year long Creative Content Plan subscription where we seasonally plan out all your content and photograph it!

This is the fun part! I want to make sure you understand the Creative Brand Audit and can implement it easily. So I offer 1 week of Voxer support so you have me in your back pocket helping you put your new brand strategy into practice. 

I’ve been there! I actually created my very own Creative Brand Audit and then decided to change it! You will receive the option to adjust your audit 1 time to change your social points. 

It’s really important just like for events that I get a good look at who you are, what your business is and that your new brand strategy reflects this. So we do a Social Size Up Call to get really clear on what you want and how you are willing to show up.

We all have to start somewhere and showing up on Stories can be intimidating because you are virtually talking to yourself. However Instagram stories are more watched than your feed is now and it’s a great way for people to see who you are.  So Instagram Stories is part of your Creative Brand Audit and can be really fun once you start doing them. Plus this audit tells you what to talk about! So have fun!! 

I LOVE a good inspiration board because it is the best visual to be able to see the type of images that work with your social points. When you have a visual of what it could look like it is easier to recreate them in your home or on photo shoots. Same thing with the captions, when you can see topics ready to go you are more likely to know exactly what to post about each social point.


Let’s get to work creating a strategy that makes you feel confident, happy and relaxed showing up on social media. Your audience is going to feel inspired by you, fall in love with your brand and ready to work with you!