Break free from the overwhelm of how you "should" show up on Instagram...

To implementing a proven strategy that leaves you feeling confident, successful & profitable.

Does this sound familiar?

You spend hours on Instagram doing ALL THE THINGS to grow your business and then you hear crickets. It takes a lot of time and energy to always show up and then when you don't get the response you are expecting it can be beyond frustrating.

You feel like your life needs to be on display in order to create connection and engagement. 

You are comparing your online growth and profitability to others wondering what they are doing right.

You are trying every trick and tip you have heard of to grow and it’s leaving you exhausted and worn out. 

What if you could...

Transform the way you approach social media and Instagram. You will go from feeling lost and overwhelmed to feeling confident and successful on Instagram so that you can experience profitability and growth with ease! 


the shine online academy

A course that walks you through how to create a proven online marketing strategy that WILL GROW your business, increase your profitability and have you showing up confidently.

shine online academy - how to use instagram to grow your business

Here's what you'll get

shine online academy - how to use instagram to grow your business


canva templates

Ready to use templates that can be customized to fit your business branding and style.

facebook group

Access to the Shine Online Academy Facebook group for life. You get to be in on every round of the Academy.

CelebratE YOUR WINS!

Your going to have some big celebrations with this course so it's time to celebrate big time!!

fIRST impressions

Optimize your bio to immediately showcase who you are, what you do and invite your audience to follow you.

it's time you shine online!

Grow a successful and profitable social media marketing plan that is going to magnetize your dream clients ! 

This is for you if...

CAROL - Bottoms Up Wine Parties

“I know now the steps that I need to take to continue sharing my message and know that it is making a difference. I know now how to show up for my audience and show them I am an expert in my field. The mystery behind insagram, what to post, when and how to make it work for me is now gone. I know now what I need to do to continue to move forward and grow my audience.”

Jen Kinal Show Up & Lead Accelerator

Hey, Intro Yourself here

I’ve always believed that we can create whatever we set our minds to! I know it can be hard and that’s why I created so many tools to make it easier, fun and more profitable. 

I am a branding and social media strategist with a love for coaching women entrepreneurs to excel in their businesses using the tools and strategies I have used and implemented in my businesses. 

Having grown a successful event planning business, recognized as Top Wedding Planner in Canada. 
Created & designed the A Beautiful Inspiration clothing line, sold online and in stores.
Built a strong social media account as a style influencer creating campaigns, launch plans and partnerships. And having a background in Graphic design have created a strong base for my coaching and strategies. 

It’s time we take our businesses to the next level, create more freedom, profit and joy in what we do.


With the right proven strategy your Instagram success is here and we are going to celebrate!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately! You have access for life as soon as you join! 

Forever! Plus you get all updates and additions to the course which you know there will be with Instagram constantly rolling out new features.

Each module will release biweekly for 3 months. I want to make sure you have plenty of time to implement, ask questions and succeed! 

FOREVER! This is really important to me that you ALWAYS have community when it comes to building your business online. We succeed together! 

YES! You will learn so many tools that you can implement in your business and that are customized to you. Plus with your 1:1 coaching we can really dive into your business direction and goals! 

Edward Greiner

“A louder voice, people are watching me professionally and personally. Support from people I didn’t expect. I feel like I have created something to be proud of and I’m getting known. I have also had opportunities and people reach out for collaborations. It’s kind of funny I didn’t expect that to be honest.”

Break free from the overwhelm of how you "should" show up on Instagram...

To implementing a proven strategy that leaves you feeling confident, successful &  profitable.