know your niche and succeed with social media

Today is all about the foundations and knowing your niche so that you start attracting the right audience, building a strong community and growing your sales!

PLUS I have a GIFT for you! 

I like to start with our business foundations because that is what we create everything from. It is what we offer, what we do, who we work with and where all our energy and passion comes from. If we jumped right into posting on Instagram then we probably wouldn’t see any change in how we are showing and the results VERSUS being intentional about how we are showing up and who we are attracting.

What is your business

What do you do?

Who do you support?

What product or services do you offer?

How can people work with you?

Even in my business I refresh this is my mind all the time! it helps keep your focus when you create content.

What do you LOVE?

What do you love about your business?

What do your clients love about your business?

What do you want more of and what do you want less of?

What is your vibe?

Knowing your vibe helps you create content, helps you see who your business is and helps your audience get clear on

Now how do you integrate this vibe into all that you do.

For example – my vibe is fun, authentic, approachable, caring, celebratory and full of energy – when you look at my feed you get that feeling in my graphics, in how I show up and how I communicate.

Think about how you are bringing that vibe through your brand.

People don’t buy products. They buy People.

When you embody your vibe and your shine, you magnetize the right people!

NEXT Narrow it down more

Think about your past clients?

List your top 3 favourite clients – what did you love?

Think about the clients you didn’t love – Why?

Are there any common traits among the clients you loved? focus on those when creating content.

What did those dream clients come to you for?

Does it align with what you love?

How do your services support your dream clients?

Next week

We will be talking about creating content for these dream clients!

Content that attracts them, speaks to them and invites them into your world.

We want clients fall in love with your brand. To create a strong strategy and foundation can make this happen!

Now I have a goodie for you! I have included my social success mindset workbook for you complimentary! It’s a great print out to help you go through everything we discussed today so that you can start attracting that dream clients and next week we will dive into creating content for them!

Thanks for joining me! Remember you sparkle and shine and your audience is waiting for you to step up and take the stage! See you soon!