Social Success Mindset Podcast - Jen Kinal

Welcome to the very first episode of the Social Media Mindset Podcast!

I am so excited to have you here! To learn all about social media, marketing and creating your dream business online!

Social media is CRAZY, constantly changing and I want you to succeed, to create community, to have a place to learn, hear from experts, have some fun and feel supported in  growing your business!

If you are new here I am Jen Kinal the owner and CEO of Jen Kinal Creative Brand & Social Media Strategy. I help business owners grow their business online using social media, marketing and strategy

I have used social media for all my businesses including, fashion blogger, fashion designer, event planner and social media manager. I have always loved all the social media marketing podcasts for years and now I get to take my knowledge that I have learned and used with my clients to support you! 

Before the pandemic I had a successful wedding and event planning business and when covid hit in days it went from successful to non existent. My income was gone. So being who I am I pivoted. Creating a social media management company of 1. Taking my knowledge that I have used for my businesses and started to support others. 

It brought me alive with energy to help others and to see their results take off! To see profit coming into their business, to see their social media presence elevate, to see them be able to breath and enjoy their business. 

Social media has so much power to create connection, to focus on your dream clients and building an online brand.

I have always been able to see the shine in you businesses, that thing that makes it special and it is time you see it too.


What can you expect?

You can expect to always hear about current social trends.

To feel motivated and inspired to show up on social for your biz.

To feel confident in knowing how to show up.

To hear from speakers in the social media space, business, marketing, in mindset.

All the things I wished I had as I did the trial and error.

Weekly podcast released on Tuesday

To have me, your business cheerleader supporting you, cheering you on and celebrating you.


What’s coming up

  • Foundations

  • Reels

  • Marketing calendar

  • Creating community

  • and creating sales!

So if you are a creative entrepreneur looking to grow your business with social media but that is where you get stuck. Make sure to subscribe to the social success mindset podcast!

It’s time we make social media easy, fun and a great way to grow your business online.

Thank you again for joining me on my first podcast episode! If you want more make sure to follow me on instagram and tiktok at @jenkinal for more tips and fun between episodes!

It’s your time to shine on social media! We will see you again next week!